Due to NDA, the details cannot be shared publicly and some pictures have been blurred out.

Aggregate key information handy for Service Providers

This was a one-month project to help create concepts and interaction flows for the Service Provider Center. I worked in partnership with a design director.

Understanding Business Requirments

After getting business requirements from the client, I distilled and regrouped key elements based on the information types. This helped us to get on the same page with the client as soon as possible and quickly move on to the next step.

Exploring Directions

Based upon the groupings, I created a spectrum of the way information is perceived. From the spectrum, I mapped out different layouts and module concepts. This work not only helped decision making but also facilitated communication and helped us better understand the client’s and users’ needs.

Iterating flows and ui

After choosing the direction, I iterated different layouts and designed the final interaction flows and UI.

In addition to Service Provider Center, I've also worked on interaction and visual design for the new Message Center.