A “co-opetitive” and customized board game consisting of different themes.

How to play

Based on a theme called Charles River

The game is played by two parties - fish and fisherman.

For each round, the fisherman and the fish pick a card from the card stack. There are two different cards that they can choose. Geography cards can be put on any available space of the board. They have to be used right away while function cards can be played any time during the game.

Fisherman tries to feed the fish and catch them by different tool cards to get the score. Meanwhile the fish need to eat baits and escape out of the board to end the game.

The game ends when all the fish escape out of the board. The total score of all the fish is compared to the fisherman's score. If the fish group has more scores, the one who gets the most scores will win the game.

Who . when . WHERE


OPERATION:The fish have to work together to compete with the fisherman. The fisherman has to help the fish get to their bait first in order to get the points. The fish and fisherman also need to indirectly cooperate to build the geography.

COMPETITION:The fish have to compete with each other to win the final game and the fisherman has to setup different traps to catch the fish to earn points.

Uscape has a master board providing basic frame and direction for players to change the geography. Different geography cards can not only alter/limit/increase the directions and add more gamification (such as Shortcut Card) as well.

Charles River is just one theme of the game. More themes can be created around a similar rule. The geography cards and function cards can also be tailored or extended based on the theme.

First round testing

Several of my schoolmates took part in the first round testing. The original rule was too complicated to finish the game within a reasonable time. So I simplified the rule and cards to shorten the time and complexity of the game.